10 Best Christian Football Movies (2022 Update)

10 Best Christian Football Movies (2022 Update)

Everyone loves a good sports story about underdogs or athletes overcoming the odds. These 10 Christian Football Movies all show the power of trusting God, especially when things are hard. They show determination to overcome obstacles through reliance on God's faithfulness both on the field and off. They feature heart warming and heart rending stories of athletes and coaches who find victory even in defeat.

Here is our list of the top 10 Christian football movies:

1. American Underdog

American Underdog Movie

Released: 2021
IMDB rating: 7.5/10
Movie Website

This heartwarming story of triumph is based on the true story of Kurt Warner (played by Zachary Levi) and his wife Brenda (played by Anna Paquin). Kurt grew up playing football and had high hopes of pursuing a career in the NFL. However, after multiple setbacks, and he ends up working at a grocery store. With the support of Brenda, his family, his coaches, and teammates, Kurt never lets go of his dream, and his hard work and determination eventually pay off.

The story is also about his wife, Brenda. She begins the movie as a single mother who has been hurt in her past. Her faith in God and the love that Kurt shows her help bring healing to her, allowing her to trust again. She in turn helps Kurt find the strength he needs to pursue his football dreams.

2. Woodlawn

Woodlawn Movie

Released: 2015
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Movie Website

Birmingham, Alabama was at the heart of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, and left the city with lasting scars of racial tension. By 1973, the city mandated integration, and Woodlawn High School was forced to accept 500 black students from other parts of the city. The tension among the student body is especially prevalent on the football team, and Coach Tandy Gerelds (played by Nic Bishop) tries to use their anger as a uniting force rather than a dividing one.

As intense fighting among the students continues, Hank, a sports chaplain (played by Sean Astin) shows up. He finally convinces Coach Gerelds to let him share his faith with the team, and as a result nearly the whole team accepts Jesus as their savior. As healing of racial tension begins to take place on the team, it slowly ripples outward into the city itself.

3. Facing the Giants

Released: 2006
IMDB rating: 6.6/10

The title Facing the Giants refers not only to an upcoming rival football game between Shiloh Christian Academy and the Giants, but also to the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Coach Grant Taylor (played by Alex Kendrick), who has not had a winning season since he took the job six years prior, faces intense scrutiny of his performance as head coach. To add to his stress, he faces problems at home with his literal house and as he and his wife (played by Shannen Fields) struggle with infertility.

Coach Taylor strives to always seek God's will in his situations and to instill the same drive for God in the hearts of his players. Throughout the movie he prays, reads his Bible, and ultimately wrestles with balancing his hopes with his disappointments. His resolution rubs off on all around him, both at home and on the field.

4. Run the Race

Run the Race movie

Released: 2018
IMDB rating: 6.1/10
Movie Website

High school seniors Dave (played by Evan Hofer) and Zach Truett (played by Tanner Stine) find themselves with no one but each other after the death of their mother and being abandoned by their father. Dave turns to God in their hardships, and tries to convince Zach to do the same. Zach, however, is angry at God for their struggles. Instead, he focuses his energy on football, but when a knee injury stops him from playing, he is forced to make a choice between being consumed by his anger or allowing God to soften his heart.

5. Season of a Lifetime

Season of a Lifetime movie

Released: 2012
IMDB rating: 7/10
Movie Website  (ChristianCinema.com)

Greenville Patriots high school coach Jeremy Williams (played by himself) faces a multitude of mountains in this inspirational story of victory over trials. After receiving a terminal ALS diagnosis, Coach Williams refuses to let it stand in his way. He continues coaching football. To his players, he's more than just a coach; to many of them he's a father figure as well. His team needs him as they face an uphill battle for the title of Georgia State football champion.

6. Greater

Greater Movie

Released: 2016
IMDB rating: 7.4/10
Movie Website

The true story of college football player Brandon Burlsworth (played by Christopher Severio) is one that takes a hard look at making sense out of tragedy. Brandon was the only player for the Arkansas Razorbacks in 1994 without a football scholarship. He was at first ostracized by his teammates for his lack of typical football player physique. However, he quickly changed their minds with his hard work, determination, and commitment to the team. He ended his college football career with not only a Bachelors but a Masters degree as well as the respect of everyone on the team.

Unfortunately, his family and teammates are left in shock after his tragic death just eleven days after being drafted to the NFL. He left a legacy of a life of faith, and those near him must reflect on his life as they fight to make sense out of such a senseless tragedy.

7. Tim Tebow: On a Mission

Tim Tebow: On A Mission Movie

Released: 2012
IMCB rating: 5.5/10
Movie Website (Pureflix)

This documentary style film follows the career of NFL star Tim Tebow. Through rare footage of games and interviews, the film paints a picture of his football career. Tebow talks about how his faith in God and hard work have helped him succeed over and over both on the field and off. The film takes viewers on a journey from his college football days through his exciting NFL career and its many ups and downs.

8. Catching Faith

Catching Faith Movie

Released: 2015
IMDB rating: 4.9/10
Movie Website

On the outside, Alexa Taylor (played by Lorena Segura York) has everything. Her husband has a great job and her two teenage children are the picture of perfection. However, her social media perfect life turns out to not be so perfect after all. She is forced to take a hard look at faith and family really mean when her son Beau (played by Garrett Westton) is caught drinking and her daughter Ravyn (played by Bethany Peterson) faces the temptation of cheating on a test. Alexa has to allow God to have control and turn to Him as she helps her family pull through these trying times.

9. Reggie's Prayer

Reggie's Prayer movie

Released: 1996
IMDB rating: 4.8/10
Movie Website (ChristianCinema.com)

NFL star Reggie Knox (played by actual NFL player Reggie White) is forced to retire sooner than he'd like. However, he turns his focus on teaching sophomore history and coaching the football team at an inner city high school. While there, he learns the struggles his players and students are facing, especially as the neighborhood gang leader tries to recruit students into his gang. When the life of one of his players hangs in the balance, Knox has to step in. Knox's faith in God serve as an anchor for him in his trials and hardships throughout the film.

10. King's Heart

King's Heart Movie

Released: 2015
IMDB rating: 5.6/10
Movie Website (ChristianCinema.com)

This short film starring Dworak as Joey, a player on the high school varsity football team, is about overcoming insurmountable odds and rising up instead of sinking down. Joey is already faced with the daunting reality of being the smallest starting offensive lineman on the team. He's used to relying on his skills though instead of his size as he faces opponents much bigger than him physically. However, just three days before his team's state championship game, an attack on his family leaves him devastated. He faces either disappointing his team or facing his fears and overcoming his circumstances. He turns to God for help in finding wisdom and strength to make his decision.

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