We Love Christian Bands

Yes, we sell shirts. But that is not our primary goal. Through our blog and other channels, we are working to build a platform where we can help promote startup Christian bands, newer bands, and just any musician who is trying to get more visibility.

As owner of 316tees, music has been a major factor in my own spiritual growth. I can testify that my worldy mind started to transform when I plugged in a daily dose of God's Word. And when I replaced the bulk of secular music I listened to with scripture-inspired lyrics, more change happened. We face a daily spiritual battle. Clothing ourselves in the Armor of God and Standing Firm is what we are called to do. Daily.

If you want to mention your own band (whether that's a worship group, performing band, or solo gig) we'd love to hear more about you. The easiest way is to follow us on Instagram @316tees and message us. 

We'd love to meet you and help you grow as we grow!

Bryan E. Robinson, Owner