Christian T-shirts

Christian T-shirts Inspired by Truth

Christian T shirts Inspired by Truth

What sets 316Tees apart from other Christian T-shirt brands? For starters, we specialize in designing and selling Christian t-shirts only. We focus all our efforts on offering comfortable, trendy Christian tees. We always enjoyed wearing tees from C28 and Sanctify. In fact, one of our designers created many of the original C28 & Sanctify shirts. We definitely draw inspiration from these Christian shirt brands.

Also, we want to help other stores that are selling Christian t shirts. In fact, we feature other apparel stores in our blog. We would rather team up with others, share knowledge, and help Christian t shirt brands grow than try to compete for customers. That's just not what 316Tees is called to do. We are called to Love God and Love Others. It is that love, the most important fruit of the spirit, that will cause others to see the Truth in us.

At 316Tees, it's not about the Faith Over Fear or Waymaker "Christian T-shirt" you wear. It's all about Jesus and pointing people to Him. Whether you are looking for gifts online for a husband, veteran, worship leader, or athlete, we hope you find the right shirt at 316Tees! 

Most of our designs are printed on unisex t-shirts so they can be worn by men or women.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, I enjoy wearing t-shirts that have vintage & outdoor styles. With a large number of stores already offering great designs for women, we wanted to carry different styles than what many other stores offer. We also strive to offer a selection of Christian tshirts for men that are inspired by many veteran and outdoor brands online.

Whether you are looking for tees for men, women, the gym, Veterans, or anything else, 316Tees is your source for T-shirts Inspired by Truth.

Lastly, I am a father of 9 kids, including 4 foster kids. I am a husband of a beautiful, Kingdom wife, and I am an entrepreneur. But as a man, I know how hard it is to live a Kingdom life. We men need to Sanctify each other. We need to be authentic. It is all about Jesus.

Bryan E. Robinson