Top 7 Christian Blogs for Women [2022]

Top 7 Christian Blogs for Women [2022]

Are you a young woman, a wife, or a mother looking for Christian resources related to faith, family, marriage, raising kids, money, or anything about your ministry? Christian blogs for women are a great way to connect, teach, and learn from like-minded women.

Over the years, the internet has given women a platform to share their stories, faith, grow one another spiritually, and praise Jesus in their different ways.

One blog cannot cover every single topic you may need help with. Luckily, there are tons of women blogs out there meeting all of your needs.

What are the Best Christian Blogs for Women? 

Heidi St. John, Arabah Joy, Lysa Terkeurst, To Love Honor and Vacuum, Club31 Women, Revive Our Hearts, and Equipping Godly Women.

1. Heidi St. John Christian Blog for Women

Heidi is commonly known for homeschooling all her seven children until high school. Besides being a speaker on marriages, cultural, and family conferences, she has a more extraordinary passion for setting women free and encouraging them to be bold in whom God has called them to be.

Her blog has influential articles, from prayer tips to raising kids and teaching women how to homeschool and encouraging them it’s possible.

She has authored several books, including Bible Promises For Moms, Prayers For The Battle Field, The Busy Mom’s Guide To Day Light, and The Busy Mom’s Guide To Romance.

Heidi is also steering an online ministry known as MomStrong International, where thousands of women meet for Bible Studies and scripture writings.

MomStrong International is a members-only ministry formulated to help women be who they’re called to be and train their children to walk in the light of God no matter where the world is heading.

2. Arabah Joy Christian Women's Blog

Arabah Joy Blog is a site dedicated to helping women intimately grow their faith in God and live lives of purpose, joy, and passion, and leave a legacy of strength and faith for others to follow.

Articles on this site are centered on studying the word of God, growing your faith, and nurturing Godly children. In addition to being a missionary and having lived in Asia for fourteen years, Arabah Joy has written a book known as Trusting God without Borders.

Arabah is also keen on teaching the word.  She has started a Bible study course designed to help women grow spiritually and discover the joy of self-Bible study by teaching the 7 different ways to dive in and study the Bible independently.

She also runs a free 40 days prayer challenge designed to feed women’s souls every day and help them live from a place of confidence and peace.

3. Lysa Terkeurst Christian Women's Blog

Besides Lysa being passionate about her family, she’s passionate about Christ and making Him known. Her content is authentic, encouraging and they are all about teaching women devotionals, having healthier relationships, and growing faith.

Lysa is also the president of Proverbs 31 ministries, a non-denominational and non-profit Christian ministry devoted to leading women into a personal relationship with Christ. Her guide on this ministry is Proverbs 31:10-31.

In addition to being an advocate for orphans and a magazine contributor, Lysa is an author of 16 books, including Seeing Beautiful Again: 50 Devotions to find Redemption In Every Part Of Your Story and Forgiving What You Can’t ForgetJust to name a couple of her breathtaking books.

4. To Love Honor and Vacuum | Christian Blog for Women

For many Christians, sex topics are not discussion subjects. However, Sheila Wray is devoted to taking Christian women’s sex life and their marriages to the next level. She discusses sex issues openly on her blog and answers questions that women would openly fear to ask.

Articles on this site discuss topics on faith, marriages, and sex within Christian families. Besides, she has exclusive articles on parenting teenagers, small children and managing money together.

Not only is Sheila your “go-to big sister,” but she has also created various online courses, one of which being the boost your libido course. This is a 10-module course designed to teach you how to increase your sex drive and rock your marriage.

Sheila is also an author of various books, including The good girl’s Guide To Great Sex, 31 Days To Great Sex, 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage, among others.

5. Club31 Women Christian Women's Blog

Lisa Jacobson is a true Proverbs 31 woman, and not only does she practice this, but she also teaches Christian women to be like her through her Christian mom blog, Club31 Women. 

Articles on her site cover exclusive topics on marriage, faith, home, motherhood, and parenting. She has also written books on marriage for men and women, such as 100 Ways To Love Your Husband/ 100 Ways To Love Your Wife, and parenting books including 100 Ways To Love Your Son/ 100 Ways To Love Your Daughter.

6. Revive Our Hearts Christian Blog for Women

From the Revive Our Hearts website: "Revive Our Hearts exists to help women thrive in Christ. Founded in 2001 as a successor to Elisabeth Elliot’s ministry Gateway To JoyRevive Our Hearts is making a difference through daily audio content, trusted resources, digital outreach, and impactful conferences."

Through God's Word, Revive Our Hearts calls women to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ. The blog is written by a team of women committed to helping women embrace God’s design for their hearts and homes. 

Revive Our Hearts offers daily audio teaching, study resources, life changing events, and much more. Some of their featured books are: Glad You Asked, Lies Women Believe, Spiritual Mothering, Becoming God's True Women, and many others. 

7. Equipping Godly Women Christian Blog for Women

Equipping Godly Women is a Christian women's blog and website dedicated to helping Christian women be the wife and mother God intended them to be, regardless of how hard it may seem.

Brittany Ann mainly focuses on women who want to grow their faith and family. Equipping Godly women mostly talks about Bible study tips and tricks as well as prayer guides. 

Brittany is not only an avid blogger, but she has also written faith-based books, including Fall In Love With God’s Word, Putting God First, Trusting God’s Plan, and Teach Your Children How To Behave.


Whether you’re looking for Bible study blogs, marriage blogs, raising Godly kids blogs, becoming a Proverbs 31 woman, or daily prayer and devotion blogs, these Christian blogs for women have everything for everyone!

Have you visited any of these blogs? Are there other Christian blogs for Women not listed here that you would like to recommend?

Let us know in the comments below.

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