Top 5 Christian Rock Radio Stations (2022)

Top 5 Christian Rock Radio Stations (2022)

There are several Christian Rock radio stations working hard to help promote new artists and stream the music of big bands as well. We've recently discovered some great new Christian Rock bands like Collision of Innocence and have always enjoyed the music of Skillet, Seventh Day Slumber, and others. 

We wanted to share our list of recommended Christian Rock Radio stations and invite you to check them out.

Here is our list of the top 6 Christian Rock Radio stations for 2022:

1. Solid Rock Radio

Solid Rock Radio


316 Rating: 9.2/10

Solid Rock Radio is an internet radio station, spinning Christian rock to spread hope through the digital airwaves since 2006. The station also hosts conversations and connections through its website ( and Facebook page. Solid Rock plays several industry-leading rock radio shows, including their popular Monday night segment Backstage With Mothership.

 The station is helmed by William Moore, who was inspired to launch Solid Rock Radio when he saw the absence of rock representation on traditional radio. 

“I felt a calling from God to start this internet station,” he explains. Equipped with no prior experience in radio but with plenty of passion, Moore quickly developed the playlists and on-air content to reflect the need he’d seen— playing heavyweights like Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Disciple, as well as giving rising independent bands a place in the rotation. 

The fledgling station has grown over the past 15 years through the support of technological advancements and volunteer DJs and writers. As the rock music industry has endured the pains of a structure in a state of rapid change, Solid Rock Radio has soldiered on, reborn even when Moore wondered if the obstacles would be insurmountable. 

The fuel to continue in that work has been simple: the listeners, and the support of mission-minded donors. “Knowing that the music we play, the programming we air, can reach the hurting and the lost? That is what keeps me motivated,” Moore concludes.

You can listen to Solid Rock Radio at You can follow them on Facebook at, and on Instagram at

2. Christian Rock

316 Rating: 8.8/10

ChristianRock.Net is a listener-supported internet radio station from Springfield, Missouri. started in 1998 and plays music from Christian rock artists on their website. They also announce upcoming album releases and a list of all Christian Rock singles. 

The website also shares announcements about events and concerts. While is one of the oldest Christian rock radio stations, we rated it #2 because they have expanded their music selection to other music outside of the Christian rock segment.

3. Way Loud Rocks 

Way Loud Rocks radio


316 rating: 8.5/10

WAY LOUD is a listener-supported radio station that plays a mix of Christian Rock from artists like Skillet, Disciple, and Switchfoot.

Listeners can listen 24/7 and interact with a community of Christian rock fans. Way Loud has an Apple store app and a Google android app for the best mobile experience.

4. The Blast

The Blast FM radio


316 rating: 8.2/10

TheBlast is a Christian Rock/Alternative/Metal radio station whose board directors are intensely committed to The Blast's mission statement of using aggressive, progressive Christian music internet radio to attract youth and young adults to the message of hope, meaning, purpose, and eternal life found only in Jesus Christ.

We really like TheBlast, and their "no compromise" message.

5. Radio U

Radio U radio station


316 rating: 7.8/10

RadioU is a music channel with live streams, videos, and artist interviews. RadioU plays a wide selection of Christian Rock, including Demon Hunter, Skillet and more.
While we also love many other types of Christian music, we rated RadioU as #5 on our list because they play a variety of genres outside the Christian Rock sector. 

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