Collision Of Innocence

Official Band merch for Collision of Innocence. Inspired by Truth.

Most of our Christian t-shirts are printed on unisex t-shirts so they can be worn by men or women. But our goal is to create a uniquely different style of Christian Tee that has a distressed look and style that is not typical of many Christian tshirt brands you will find. Rather than creating swirly, typographical Christian designs that are very popular and sold on many great Christian apparel sites, I am creating a brand that caters to what I personally like to wear.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, I enjoy wearing tees that are a little more manly. I also enjoy Christian Rock and Christian contemporary music, so many of our T-shirts cater to what Christian bands would wear onstage, and what fans of Christian bands would buy at a concert.

I also enjoy the outdoors and working out, so many of the designs are centered around the outdoors and fitness.

Whether you are looking for Christian shirts for men, Christian tees for your husband, Christian tshirts to workout in, or Christian shirts for veterans, 316Tees is your one-stop shop to buy the right Christian t-shirt for the right occasion.

Lastly, I am a father of 9 kids, including 4 foster kids. I am a husband of a beautiful, spirit-filled wife, and I am an entrepreneur. But as a Man, I know how hard it is to live a Kingdom life. We men need to Sanctify each other. We need to be real with each other. And we need to lead each other. Most of all we need to Love God and Love Others. It is all about Jesus.

Bryan E. Robinson