Top 10 Christian Clothing Brands of 2021

Top 10 Christian Clothing Brands of 2021

There are hundreds of Christian clothing brands and apparel stores to choose from. One of the things I have noticed in the past 25 years is that the Christian clothing industry has seen many brands come and go. As a buyer and seller of Christian apparel for many years, I feel like this is an important list of best Christian Clothing Brands of 2021.

316Tees will update this list so it stays current. If you would like to recommend a store that's not on this list, please do so in the comments. 


Kerusso - Kerusso is the Greek word meaning "to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the Gospel); preach, proclaim, publish". As one of the original christian clothing brands, Kerusso set the standard and is today the leading producer of Christian apparel around the world.


Elly & Grace - This women's Christian clothing brand showed up in the market over the last few years with a lot of help from its great simple designs, and solid Etsy store following.


shields of strength

Shields of Strength - Shields of Strength started out by printing scriptures on dog tags. This great brand showed up in Lifeway and other stores across the nation. They have been supplying custom dog tags to military installations (in the field) as well as first responders and law enforcement. Shields of Strength has a great line of Christian clothing for all ages and especially designs themed to athletes.


316TEES - We made the list, but being realistic, we didn't move ourselves to the 1st spot. 316Tees is a growing veteran-owned Christian clothing brand that carries a mix of great Christian t-shirts inspired from legacy brands like C28, NOTW, and Sanctify. We even have some Christian freedom themed designs that align with God & Country. 316Tees now has one of the original designers of the C28/NOTW clothing brand on our staff. 


tim tebow foundation

Tim Tebow Foundation - A nice line of Christian apparel for a good cause. It's always nice to see an athlete proclaim his Faith for Christ in front of millions of viewers. Tebow isn't the only famous person with a clothing brand. But it's great to see Christian athletes that don't fear persecution for their beliefs.


Girlie Girl Originals – Girlie Girl Originals is a fun and colorful brand for women that has been around for several years. Their designs have shown up in large retail stores, small boutiques and more. GG Originals doesn't just carry Christian themed shirts. They even carry a collegiate collection. But they are a very family-friendly and overall great Christian clothing brand.


Toby Mac Store- Toby Mac has been one of our favorite Christian artists for so many years. Since Christian artist tees aren't available in most Christian clothing stores online, we wanted to feature Toby's gear here in our top 10 list. This is definitely the best Christian music clothing brand we have seen.


Disciple threads

Disciple Threads - Disciple Threads is all about sharing the gospel through rad apparel. Jesus loved the "outcasts" and so does Matt over at Disciple Threads. His love for heavy music, tattoos and art culture is at the heart of the brand. Disciple Threads clothing brand combines those influences with the positive, life giving message of Jesus Christ. 


fabrics of faith

Fabrics of Faith - Fabrics of Faith is a new addition to the top 10 list. They reached out to us in the comments below and we went to check out their brand. According to their website, "Fabrics of Faith is a Christian based lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of inspirational Christian Clothing & Apparel designed for men & women to glorify the Good News of Jesus Christ." 


Missional Wear - Christian outfitter established in 2010 based in Orlando, Florida, primarily themed around theologians like Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, and others. Like many clothing brands, this one is not for everyone, but they offer some really great designs that are mostly themed toward classic orthodoxy but with modern style.


If you have (or know of) a Christian Clothing Brand or Christian Apparel Store, please share it with us below! When we re-score our Top 10 Clothing Brands, your store might make the next top 10 list!!


Bryan E. Robinson is the owner and founder of 316Tees. He has over 18 years as a marketer and has owned and operated several eCommerce businesses, including several online Christian Clothing stores. For two decades, Bryan has bought and sold apparel from legendary brands like C28, Kerusso & Sanctify Clothing. He currently works with one of the original artists from C28 & Sanctify to build the 316Tees brand.








  • Good and Faithful

    We honestly didn’t realize there were so many Christian clothing brands out there. Praise the Lord! What a great way to spark Gospel-centered conversations with those around us. Ya’ll are welcome to check out our own designs at . We also welcome any feedback!

  • FreddyB

    Check out Carry Your Cross is on the come up!!! Cleanest designs around.

  • Derek Newton

    We started a contemporary Christian clothing brand called KEPT. 1 Peter 1:5

  • Sav

    Elevated Faith

  • Anthony Gatewood

    We are Bless:44 Christian clothing based in the UK.
    We have a full range in our HOPE, FEAR NOT, CHOSEN, AMEN and MMLJ designs and you will love our Little Blessings Ts for kids. Let us know what you think ….Wear the Word

  • Michelle Post

    The Tree of Love, LLC Christian apparel is about Sharing Who God Says I Am via t-shirts with what is called, “I am Statements.” The official launch is August 26, 2021. Our store can be found at

    Through simple, bold statements such as "I Matter,” “I am Accepted,” “I am Approved,” “I am Chosen,” and “I am Forgiven,” I want to educate, encourage, equip, and empower people everywhere to find healing and choose love. Each shirt includes a scripture reference on the front, with the full scripture on the back.

  • Chad Nichols

    Please check out our company To Live Like Jesus Clothing Company at Sharing the hope of Christ ONE shirt at a time.

  • Žiga

    I highly recommend Malta apparel! :)

  • Toni A Elston

    I agree that these are some great brands. Used By God,, also has inspiring and bold Christian apparel.

  • Country of God

    Love seeing all the different Christian Clothing Brands, including those in the comment section! Come check us out as well at!

  • Palette Wear

    Palette Wear is a scripture-focused clothing brand for women who seek to share and embrace their faith. or

  • Tyler Dixon sells awesome shirts and I find their shirts super high quality and a great way to publicly share your faith!

  • Corinna

    Want cute clothing to spread the Good News while helping children? We would love to share our mission and our wonderful, made in the USA high quality, soft, cute christian tees, hoodies, hats and jewelry with you. Please check out our website at Thank you from Arizona!

  • Anthony


  • Royal Messengers Apparel
    Christian Apparel for the unashamed believer

  • Frida

    Checkout their designs and apparels are amazing too

  • Michele Burcham

    I started an inspirational Christian line of shirts because I’m passionate about my relationship with Christ and my own personal testimony! Please check out my Destiny Driven Tee’s, Inspirational T-shirt brand and any feedback is welcome. contact me at

  • Lee

    dashing apparel is an up and coming Christian Lifestyle Brand that not only sells clothing but also sells books and music. They will also be venturing in the media and conference space to address mind, body and spirit. Check them out.

  • Aaron

    316, you forgot to put us on that list!!! So glad I came across this page, I’m also happy to see so many people lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. To add fuel to this holy fire, we just launched our brand Eternal Garments. We’re here to simply bring glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. You can find us at

  • Godly Example

    Godly Example is a clothing line that acknowledges that no one is perfect but understands that we were created to be a Godly Example. Our goal is to help people, inspire people, and impact people in the most genuine and authentic way through fashion! #GodlyExample

  • Irene

    I have a big dream to do my Christain clothing business, but did not have any Ideal about getting my brand. Your site give me a ideal. Thank you very much.

  • Caetia Short

    jesus over everything (jovere) is the best out.

  • Gina Davies @ JC Threads

    Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that JC Threads is a UK based company selling Christian T shirts, hoodies, greetings cards, posters and gift items. Please check us out on We post worldwide so don’t let that put you off taking a look at what we have to offer. Thanks for taking a look!

  • Lighten Up Gear

    Hello friends. Love your list of fellow Christian apparel brands! We’re based out of Des Moines, Iowa and rooted in Colossians 3:12. “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

  • Set Free Apparel

    Set Free Apparel Christian clothing brand is designed to make you look and feel great, all while allowing you to share your faith in a stylish and approachable way. Check us out at

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