Top 5 "Faith Over Fear" Shirts

Top 5 "Faith Over Fear" Shirts

Oftentimes t-shirt designs are born out of national or global events or crises. Some are inspired by song lyrics or famous quotes. There are countless reasons that new designs become quickly popular.

There's no difference from niche to niche. Faith-based t-shirts like the design "Faith Over Fear" become very popular when the world is in a global crisis and the shirt becomes a way to express they have fight or faith that is stronger than a pandemic, or fear from one.

I reviewed the "Faith Over Fear" shirts at over 100 online stores and marketplaces.

There are hundreds of online websites selling Faith Over Fear t-shirts right now. Unfortunately, there are just a small handful of unique styles out of the hundreds of stores.

Either way, the message is powerful. I love the shirts. So I wanted to review 5 of my top "Faith Over Fear" shirts that are a little different than the majority of the ones for sale online.

#1 - This raglan tee is a great design on a great shirt. My wife loves raglan tees, and you don't see that many sellers printing on them. The Cherished Girl design is unique and includes a Psalm scripture reference. The product page is thorough and this is a really great website overall. This is our favorite!


#2 - This is another unique design that has Faith on the top line and Fear on the 2nd line. But in this design, the word "Fear" is made out of small lettering that is the 23rd Psalm. Brilliant design and very nice website. Great find!

Source: Odyssey by Yendi

#3 - The Give-n-Get sells a design that is carried by dozens of sellers. But I do like the Cross in the center of the design, as opposed to the 'arrow' that most of the designs have. I like this design. I like the website. I like the fact that GivenGet uses a size chart and shows the 100% cotton fabric, with a shrink warning. I also really like that GivenGet shows the scripture, Isaiah 43:1 on the product page. Very nice overall!


#4 - While most of the Faith Over Fear shirts are designs that cater to women, this design at Clean Apparel is a nice concept and great design for men. It features the word Faith on top of the word Fear, which is upside down like a mirror image. This is a really 'clean' design that aligns with the brand name. My only request would be that Clean Apparel display more information about the type of fabric in the shirts they offer. I would want to know how heavy the fabric is, and if it fits true to size or not.


#5 - This isn't a completely unique design, but is nice nevertheless. The website is clean, and we like it overall. This Faith Over Fear design is distressed and has a tall cross to the left of the words. This shirt rounds out our top 5.

Source: RustandRuffles

Though a seemingly overused concept, it is nice to see a design like "Faith Over Fear" get the kind of reach that this design has had. This is one great way to spread the message of Faith in a world that is overcome by fear.

If you have a favorite "Faith Over Fear" t-shirt design, let us know in the comments!


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