C28 Clothing: A Look Back at the Brand Behind NOTW

C28 Clothing: A Look Back at the Brand Behind NOTW

Update: We are pleased to announce that one of the main designers of the C28/NOTW brand is now on staff at 316Tees.com! Check out our Christian T-shirts collection where you will see several designs from one the designers of NOTW and C28. Use coupon code: 316C28 for 10% off any order.


Fifteen years of production, and a lifetime of impact. From 2000 to 2015, Not of This World, or NOTW, was at the top of the Christian apparel world. As a part of the C28 brand, their mission was to equip and edify saints around the world and to share the message of the gospel of Christ through Christian clothing.

C28 stands for Colossians 2:8.

“See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ”

Colossians 2:8

Founder of C28

Founder and CEO of C28 and NOTW Aurelio F. Barreto III always believed in this mission and turned his entire life around to dedicate himself to what Jesus called him to do.

Mr. Barreto has truly lived the American dream. As a child, he came to the United States from Cuba as a refugee.

Barreto promised himself as a child that he would never fall into those circumstances of poverty again and dedicated himself to earning money to guarantee financial stability and independence.

Aurelio Barreto, C28 Founder & CEO

By the age of 37, Barreto had achieved the fame and fortune he had desired as a child. His Dogloo company sold for millions of dollars, and he had over 20 million in the bank.

For a time he enjoyed the freedom to go and do whatever he wanted, lengthy vacations to New Zealand and Hawaii with his family, driving whatever car he wanted, specifically a Porsche Turbo, and wearing the fanciest designer clothes. In the midst of all of this, he felt an emptiness he could not explain.

Depression set in and feelings of despair and worthlessness overcame him.

Turning Point for Aurelio Barreto

One day in 1998, after paying his children’s school tuition, their principal cornered Barreto and asked him to come visit his office and chat for a while. Although dreading the possibility that the conversation would be about God, Barreto agreed and the conversation that ensued was the most important of his life.

Barreto shares, “He shared the gospel, and I just broke down crying in his office. It was the first time in my life where I felt love, that somebody would die on a cross for my past sin, my present sin, and my future sin."

Barreto's life changed that day, and he never looked back. He found a way to channel his newfound faith with his acquired business acumen to develop groundbreaking new businesses that had an eternal focus. He noticed that although there was Christian apparel in the market, the styles were limited.

Aurelio Barreto in Corona, CA C28 Location

He believed that apparel could be used more effectively to uplift and encourage believers as well as share the life-changing message of the gospel. Not only did he create unique clothing, but an entire community was developed around the production of the clothing.

Aurelio Barreto and Professional Featherweight Boxer Gabino Saenz

When speaking of his life before and after conversion and the founding of his Christian apparel company, Aurelio says he was longing for something more.

"What I was longing for was to be part of something."

Aurelio Barreto

C28 Graphic Designers

C28 created hundreds of t-shirt designs over the years. They employed in-house designers. But to build a large inventory of truly unique designs, they would need a large number of artisans.

NOTW Designs

CanvasThreads.com was where graphic designers submitted their designs to a community of members who had voting privileges. Community members then voted on shirt designs and the most popular were printed by C28. C28 would pay royalties to designers, as well as create custom tags (artist spotlight) with the designer's name on them for each of their designs that were printed.

CanvasThreads.com Artist Spotlight tags

Canvas Threads was where I met one of C28's designers Knoll Gilbert. Gilbert designed several tees for one of my small brands, and we have remained friends since. Some of those designs can be seen here.

The C28 & NOTW Brand

The clothing was available in-store and online. C28 opened several brick & mortar stores in malls across the U.S. The online experience included a vast range of designs in a trendy eCommerce store. The eCommerce website included a prayer community where thousands were prayed for.

C28 Store at one of the mall locations

The uniqueness of the NOTW message came from how they combined the message of Christ with untraditional, raw designs. The color schemes, images, and words used appealed to a much younger audience than had previously been targeted.

Skypilot and NOTW

Customers who liked Christian rap and hard rock groups finally had a clothing option that expressed their values, and as soon as more traditional Christian stores started carrying the shirts, their sales reflected the appreciation this younger audience felt for finally being seen and understood.

B. Haley and Toby Mac sporting the B. It gear

The designs were so popular that many Christian bands would often wear the tees on stage during performances. Professional athletes were pictured wearing the NOTW shirts while out and about.

Scripture and Art Combined

Popular shirt designs were typically script and beautiful, bold art. One of the favorite bold designs stated the verse in Matthew 5 that says, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and the image was of a white dove flying out of the barrel of a gun.

Blessed are the Peacemakers NOTW Shirt

Most shirts incorporated a bible verse, Christian song lyric, or bold message in the design to convey the message. The NOTW logo itself was symbolic, with the N and W both reminiscent of angel wings, the O looking like a halo and the T dominated the image, but was lower case and resembled a cross.


Shirts included verses on them or were inspired by Bible verses, even if the design was not overt. In-store employees share that one shirt, in particular, led to several conversations about salvation. The design said, “Many ways lead to Jesus, one way leads to God”, and the verse on the shirt was John 14:6.

Barreto sold the company in 2015 after leading the brand to grow into fourteen franchised C28 stores, with 130 employees, 425,000 online members, and over 2,000 brands distribution stores.

Although C28 closed its doors in 2015, the NOTW line was bought by the Mardel Christian bookstore. Mardel still carries a smaller inventory of the NOTW clothing line on its site at Mardel.com.

A Word from Aurelio

I recently spoke to Aurelio and asked him to share something about his time at C28. Here's what he had to say, "Working at C28 and Not Of This World was clearly the height of my career. It was an honor to work with such an incredibly talented team. In particular, the art that was produced was extremely effective in reaching the lost and edifying the saints."

Aurelio continued, "During the 15 years of operation, over 19,000 prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, millions of prayers were heard, and millions of tracks were distributed. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for allowing us to work at C28 and NOTW. To God be all the glory!"

Today Aurelio Barreto has been CEO & President of several great startups over the years. He now resides in the Corona, California area.

316Tees & Inspiration from C28

316Tees.com has created many of our designs with inspiration from Aurelio's team and C28. We regularly work with 2 of C28's former designers and will always remember and appreciate what C28 was all about.

Visit 316Tees.com and follow us closely as we continue to add great new designs in the coming weeks and months!




Bryan E. Robinson is the owner and founder of 316Tees. He has over 15 years as a marketing consultant and has worked with Capital One, AmeriCommerce, FSG, and other companies over the years. Bryan has also built multiple eCommerce brands over the years and is passionate about helping others to achieve their own successes with eCommerce startups. 


  • Kathy

    I so loved C28 I purchased a T-shirt with a Ronald Reagan quote about abortion on it. i love it. I have looked EVERYWHERE for another one. Mine is getting a little rough around the edges. I have Pro-Life friends that love my shirt & would love to have one also. Please direct me to where we can purchase some. The quote is…"It seems to me that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. " Does that just not say it all or what!!! I had my tshirt on one day & met up with a pro Choice woman. after reading my shirt I asked her what she thought…..She couldn’t give me an answer. My last words were she might not be here if her Mom had believed in abortion.

  • Nelson Banos Jr

    I purchased Aurelios book and read it truly an amazing book. I can relate as I also went through the same situation. I came from Cuba and had to follow the same interrogation procedures. My family which consisted of my mother, sister, and I.

  • Desiree

    I so miss receive 28 store in Oakridge mall San Jose, California. At the time was a single mom two teenagers still at home my one daughter a young teen loved to go to the Hot Topic store. When I went to check the store I felt an evil presence and I prayed for my daughter to lose interest. Then I happened to walk in to C28 In a young girl as we were looking at shirts offered to pray with us I was so impressed can I intern offer to pray for her. I fell in love with the shirts and hats stories with correlating pictures on them and how the sales staff would share the stories of shirts and make The WORD come alive. My girls and I frequented the store and I purchased many gifts. They even put on a concert in the parking lot and my daughter I really like the groups that were playing and I purchased a CD for her as at the time she was listening to screamo music. there was a spiritual battle going on. This is why I am eternally grateful for Aurelio’s clothing ministry and What is deeply saddened when it closed at stores at the mall. I’ve never found another one like it. I have found a young gal in Florida that prays over the shirts she makes and sells which are very good. But the ministry of the face-to-face contact and prayer in the mall store is unmatchable. If I were creative and had a business mindset and start the same type of store which is needed now more than ever in these very trying times. Thank you Aurelio for the time the store was active.

  • Bro. Mark

    Is there a symbolic meaning to the “N” of NOTW? Or is it just deigned that way to look cool? :)

  • Dan

    I LOVE c28! I was so bummed when the stopped operations. I still wear a couple of their hats. Fantastic ministry.

  • Don Joe

    I miss taking my family to the C28 store in the Northridge mall. My NOTW shirt is getting worn out. And I’m running out of guitar picks. I luv the NOTW guitar picks. God bless Aurello and his family.

  • Bryan Robinson

    Diane – Aurelio is still living in Corona, CA. He was previously the CEO of another apparel company that he helped grow. I believe he is currently doing some consulting, and looking for opportunities to help another company at a leadership level.

  • Diane

    I have enjoyed C28 designs. What is Aurello doing now?

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